Vasudhaiva KutumbaKam - The world is one family

The pillars of our vision are these 4 Cs:

1. Communication

  • Speaking clearly, listening intently, positive language, communication through non-verbal methods, and with purpose

2. Community

  • Supporting one another, working together, non-judgement, compassion, love and respect for all

3. Connection

  • Family bonds, universal, nature, community, all beings, joy

4. Creativity

  • Open-mindedness, exploration, self-expression

Through clear communication, community, connection, and creativity, we can create for ourselves a yoga practice (and by extension, a life) that encourages an environment of increased energy, joy, and healing. We offer group classes, at-home yoga and events to help you incorporate these principles into your own life.

The name Kutumba Energy comes from the sanskrit expression 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam', which means 'The World is One Family'. We want to spread the feeling of support, strength, joy, and connection of a family with everyone we meet. Our goal is to inspire others and spread as much positivity and joy as possible.

From our family to yours, creating connections is what we strive for.